OpenO&M is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the development and use of a harmonized set of standards for the exchange of Operations & Maintenance (O&M) data

About OpenO&M

The OpenO&M Initiative involves multiple industry standards organizations collaborating to provide a harmonized set of information standards for the exchange of Operations & Maintenance data.

MIMOSA and OPC Foundation information standards are applicable to multiple industries.

  • MIMOSA provides asset management related information standards
  • OPC Foundation provides data acquisition and transport standards

Industry-focused Joint Working Groups (JWG) exist with key open standards partners

  • OpenO&M Manufacturing Joint Working Group - ISA88, ISA95, OAGi, MESA
  • OpenO&M Facilities Joint Working Group - National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS) Facility Maintenance and Operation Committee (FMOC)
  • OpenO&M Military Joint Working Group - US Army SED & US Navy TOSA

OpenO&M JWG participants harmonize the key standards from their respective organizations. OpenO&M JWG participants develop and demonstrate reference implementations based on their harmonized standards. The three joint working groups operate independently, yet they collaborate, sharing members and knowledge. All joint working groups are represented at the annual OpenO&M meeting - OpenO&M Week.

Participating organizations work together to cross-reference their related standards and to collaborate on the content.