OpenO&M is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the development and use of a harmonized set of standards for the exchange of Operations & Maintenance (O&M) data

OpenO&M Facilities Joint Working Group

The OpenO&M Facilities Joint Working Group fosters integrated data exchange between operations and maintenance activities to enable facilities operators to optimize resource utilization and optimize operational planning and scheduling with their clients leading to optimal allocation of critical path resources (e.g. space, equipment) and energy management. Driven by the U.S.'s National Institute of Building Sciences' (NIBS) Facilities Maintenance and Operations Committee (FMOC) the Facilities Joint Working Group's other members are MIMOSA and the OPC Foundation.

The Facility Maintenance and Operation Committee (FMOC) is a NIBS committee focusing on the improved performance and longevity of buildings and building systems through more consistent, effective, and proper facility maintenance and operation. The FMOC has established the following three objectives:

  • To increase maintenance and operations influence in the facility acquisition process
  • To promote the sharing and integration of facilities maintenance and operations procedures and information
  • To identify and disseminate "best" practices for the maintenance and operations of facilities

MIMOSA is a not-for-profit trade association dedicated to developing and encouraging the adoption of open information standards in manufacturing, fleet, and facility environments - information standards which enable collaborative asset lifecycle management.

The OPC Foundation is dedicated to ensuring interoperability in automation by creating and maintaining open specifications that standardize the communication of acquired process data, alarm and event records, historical data, and batch data to multi-vendor enterprise systems and between production devices.